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4X2m Basketball Gym Electronic Basketball Scoreboard

Model SPY-B4020
Dimension 4x2m

Gymnasium 4X2M Big Electronic Basketball Scoreboard

Aluminum frame electronic basketball scoreboard with 300mm, 250mm high

yellow , red and green superbrightness LED numerals.

Scores to 199,Team name to 8 letters,Clock counts down from 99:59 maximum,Total Fouls to 99,Personal fouls to 5 LED dot,Player number to 99,Player points to 99,Period to 9,time out to 4 small LED block and indicates possession.

1/10th of a second timing feature in last minute.

Our Basketball Scoreboards are supplied with a buzzer.

Includes internal buzzer and wireless communication distance between controller box and scoreboard is beyond 100m.

Our LED scoreboards are the most practical in the sport field,require no

maintenance andmaintain over 100,000 hours of continual use.

1) LED team name(each team ) : red
2) Pair of scores ( 188 ): 12" -- red
3) Play clock: 12" -- yellow
4) Period: 10"-- red
5) Player number: 3.5"-- yellow
6) Personal foul: green and red LED dot
7) Player Point: 3.5"-- green
8) Serve: arrow -- green
9) Team fouls: 10"-- red
10) Time out indicators: -- yellow
11) LED:Super bright LED, >100000hours life
12) Input power: AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz
13) Power consumption: < 300W
14) Wireless RF Controller
15) Scoreboard Dimensions: 4000*2000*75mm


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