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Basketball Stadium Electronic Scoreboard and Shot Clock

Model SPY-B4020S
Dimension 4x2m&54X47cm

Big Electronic Basketball Scoreboard and LED Shot Clock with Game Time

Aluminum frame electronic scoreboard with 300mm, 250mm high yellow , red and green

superbrightness LED numerals.Our LED scoreboards are the most practical in the sport field,

require no maintenance and maintain over 100,000 hours of continual use.1/10th of a second timing feature in last minute. Scores to 199,Team name to 8 letters,Clock counts down from

99:59 maximum,Total Fouls to 99,Personal fouls to 5 LED dot,Player number to 99,Player

points to 99,Period to 9,time out to 4 small LED block and indicates possession.Includes

internal Siren and wireless communication distance between controller box and scoreboard is beyond 100m.

1) Electronic team name(one pair ) : red
2) Pair of scores ( 188 ): 12" -- red
3) Game clock: 12" -- yellow
4) Period: 10"-- red
5) Player number: 3.5"-- yellow
6) Personal foul: green and red LED dot
7) Player Point: 3.5"-- green
8) Serve: arrow -- green
9) Team fouls: 10"-- red
10) Time out indicators: -- yellow
11) Play time of shot clock: 6" -- yellow
12) Shot clock: 8" -- red
13) LED:Super bright LED, >100000hours life
14) Input power: AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz
15) Power consumption: < 300W
16) Wireless RF console
17) Product Dimensions: 4000*2000*75mm
18) Shot clock with time: 540*470*75mm


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