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Product Detail
Sport Field Electronic Basketball Handball Scoreboard
Model: SPY-BH40
Dimension: 3.6X2m

Stadium Electronics scoreboards for Basketball Handball

Sport Electronic Scoreboard with built-in buzzer.
The design makes it suitable for use in Basketball battle and Handball game.
The Scoreboard is controlled by our user-friendly controller with pre-programmed rules to adapt .
The operating unit is wireless communication (over 100m).

1/10th of a second timing feature in last minute.

Game / Play time four digits ( minutes and seconds ) count down max from 99:59,
Scores 0 - 199 (3 digits per team),
Period 1 - 9,
Team Fouls 00 - 99 (two digits per team),

Electronic team name ( 8 letters per team),

The time-outs are shown with yellow small LED block (4 units per team),

The poss indicator is shown with green arrow,

Player and Penalty part displays the individual number and penalty time per team,

Player and Foul board displays the individual number and foul 12 players per team

Buzzer Built - Gives off automatically signal when the match ended.

Full dimensions 3.6mX2m


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