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Product Detail
Electronic Water Polo Scoreboard and Shot Clock
Model: SPY-WP215S
Dimension: 2.5X1.5m&54X47cm

Water Polo Digital Scoreboard and Shot Clock

The scoreboard is available for indoor & outdoor and with different

digits heights depending on the required viewing distance.

This water polo scoreboard displays Home and Guest Scores to 99,Period to 9,Clock to 99:59 Max,Player number and Penalty Time as 20 Seconds Count Down Display.

Our water polo Scoreboards are supplied with an internal siren

A Timer can be preset to any time from 1 minute to 99 minutes and triggers the

siren when it reaches zero

1.Running time:99:59

2.Goals:0-99 each side


4.Time-out:four red led points each side

5.Penalty:2 penalty times each side

6.Playler number: 0-99

7.Personal fouls:3 red led points each number, 13 numbers each side

8. Shot clock and period time

9.Scoreboard dimensions : 2500*1500*75mm

Shot Clock dimensions: 540X470X75mm


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