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Water Polo Electronic Scoreboard

Model SPY-WP215
Dimension 2.5X1.5m

LED Water Polo Electronic Scoreboard

The scoreboard is available for indoor & outdoor and with different digits heights

depending on the required viewing distance.

Our water polo Scoreboards are supplied with an internal siren.

Game Timer can be reset to any time from 1 minute to 99 minutes and

triggers the siren when it reaches zero.

This water polo scoreboard displays Home and Guest Scores to 99,Period to 9,

Clock to 99:59 Max,Player number and Penalty Time as 20 Seconds Count Down Display.

1.Running time:99:59

2.Goals:0-99 each side


4.Time-out:four red led points each side

5.Penalty:2 penalty times each side

6.Playler number: 0-99

7.Personal fouls:3 red led points each number, 13 numbers each side

8.Scoreboard dimensions : 2500*1500*75mm


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