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Exported to Over 45 Countries & regions

Issuing time:2019-09-25 00:00Author:SPORTYOND

Sportyond start to manufacture and sales of electronic scoreboards in 2010 such as

Basketball scoreboard and shot clocks, Football scoreboard, led substitution board,

Water polo scoreboard, Tennis scoreboard, Cricket scoreboard, Handball scoreboard,

Volleyball scoreboard, Lawn Bowls scoreboard, digital clock boards and other

scoreboards which could be customized according to client's requirement.

Our Electronic Scoreboards now have been widely used by sport clubs, stadium, gym,

high school, college, and sport agents.

We provide reliable,stable and cost-effective LED scoreboards products to the global market since 2010.

Until 2019,our products have been exported to more than 45 countries and regions. Such as America,UAE,United Kingdom, Centra America,the Netherlands, Spain, Italy,

Germany, Canada,India,Australia, South Africa, Bolivia, Mexico, Panama, Singapore,

Malaysia, Philippines,Brazil,Algeria , New Zealand, Austria etc.

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