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Electronic Basketball Scoreboards For High School / Club

Digital scores display for basketball,volleyball,etc
Pair of electronic team name
Internal Siren



The electronic scoreboard features basic sports information for basketball / volleyball game.
The basketball scoreboard displays Home and Guest scores to 199,pair of electronic team name to 4 letters,period to 4,time to 99:59, fouls(score for volleyball) to 9.1/10th of a second timing feature in last minute.Includes internal Buzzer and wireless communication distance between controller and scoreboard is beyond 100m.
1) Scores : 12" -- green
2) Clock : 10" -- yellow
3) Period : 10" -- green
4) Fouls : 10"-- yellow
5) Electronic team name : red
6) LED:Super bright LED, >100000hours life
7) Input power: AC100V~240V,50/60Hz
8) Power consumption:< 100W
9) Wireless controller
10) Product Dimensions:2000*800*75mm


1. Control box is available in Wireless radio modules for the basketball scoreboard.
2. The basketball scoreboard displays home and guest electronic team name and scores,period,fouls .It also features a four digits clock.
3. With the function of exchange field and whistle sound after game time runs out.