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LED Double Sided Player Electronic Substitute Board

2 sided display electronic substitution board

Red and green display for LED player change board



1. Color : red and green
2. Digital height : 24cm
3. Input:AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
4. Power:<35W
5. Output : 24V 1A
6. Additional : Extra time
7. Front side and back side display
8. Internal rechargeable battery
9. Dimensions:720X340mX25mm


1.Adopt single-chip to control, software to set up digits, it is with high degree of accuracy.
2.Easy to operate , in line with people's operating habits.
3.Adopt imported LED with high brightness as display unit, it can be viewed easily.


Red digits indicate the number of player exiting,Green digits indicate the number of player entering.
Extra time(making up game time)